Frequently Asked Questions

Before reaching out to us the answer to your question may be answered below

What kind of self-care retreat is this?
There are many people in the wellness space that offer retreats for Black women. #StressProtest is the ultimate getaway, designed to introduce Black women to a variety of self-care practices that exists in the world, in efforts that they may incorporate these practices into everyday life. There’s lots of fun, trying new things, with emphasis on movement or doing whatever you want to let your hair down for a few days.
Do I have to be in shape to attend?
We’ve designed #StressProtest for a variety of health and fitness levels. We have activities for the very active and for those who may not be engaged in any fitness at all. We do hope that you will at least try a low impact activity for the sake of getting the blood flowing and body pumping. GirlTrek’s mission is to get one million Black women to walk 30 minutes a day. But when it comes to #StressProtest, this is YOUR self-care retreat, and the ultimate goal is for you to relax and destress.
I would love to come but can’t find any friends to join me. Is it ok to attend alone?
Absolutely! Hundreds of women have come over the years and left with new friends from all walks of life. We are intentional about pairing participants in rooms with sisters with similar interests.
Do I have to go on a hike?
Not at all. We have plenty of hikes for those who want the experience. And for those who may be interested but want something low impact, we have something for you.
I have an alternative eating lifestyle. Will there be food for me to eat?
Yes. We have lots of vegetarians and vegans in our tribe. We’ve made sure that there are food options to accommodate most food types.
Is this a spiritual retreat?
While #StressProtest is not designed with a specific religion or spiritual practice, the weekend does offer many different faith systems and healing traditions in the forms of workshops and experiences.
What ages of women typically attend?
#StressProtest caters to all Black women ages 18 and up. We host everyone from budding college students to seniors with swag.
What are the accommodations like? Will we be sleeping outside?
Although we describe the retreat as rustic, we’re not camping. The venue is the YMCA of the Rockies. All participants will be housed in lodges that are comparable to 3-star hotel accommodations. It’s not a glamour getaway but it isn’t necessarily “roughing it” either. We chose modest accommodations to keep the prices affordable for the average Black woman.