A Radical Weekend of Self-Care

9/3-9/7, 2020
Estes Park, CO

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What is a #StressProtest?

Self-care is a revolutionary act.

GirlTrek, the most inspiring health movement for Black women in the country, is hosting the ultimate self-care experience. This is exactly what you need! A full weekend of soul rejuvenation, outdoor relaxation and mindful moments in Rocky Mountain National Park. Imagine it: Black women coming together to hike, horseback ride, meditate, eat s’mores around the campfire, lounge in our pjs with friends and MORE! Grab your girls, a good book, pack your bags and leave your worries behind!

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation…” 

-Audre Lorde 


Weekend Retreat

September 3 – September 7, 2020
Estes Park, CO


$850 per person (Double Occupancy Lodging) [Payment option available. Reserve your space for $200.00 deposit] 

Registration includes: lodging, Ground Transportation to Estes Park,
self-care workshops, meals and a weekend of joyful activities.

Must be 18 & Older to Attend
*Not Included: Airfare to Denver, CO

“Day 0”  Get Your Mind + Body Ready for the Mountain
Denver, CO

This is an optional add-on experience

September 2, 2020

Registration: $200 (Lodging Not Provided)

Registration Includes: Welcome Reception, Visualization + Breathwork Workshop to get you MountainTop Ready, & Dinner Party. Everyone who registers for “Day 0” will be provided with a curated offering of optional day time experiences (i.e ShoppeBlack Denver, Therapeutic Salt Cave Session). Experience are booked independently. Fees vary.

Weekend Retreat Registration Closes June 30th, 2020

Our Story

Vanessa Garrison and Morgan Dixon have been creating safe spaces for healing and fellowship with Black women for over a decade. As the cofounders of GirlTrek, the largest public health nonprofit for Black women and girls, they inspire women to live their healthiest, most fulfilled lives. Morgan, Vanessa and thousands of Black women around the country dedicated the entire year of 2018 to staging a #StressProtest. That initial commitment is now an annual tradition.  They are committing to daily walks, exploring new healing hobbies and hiking mountain ridges as a reclamation of self-care.

Alongside a national staff of radiant women, scores of talented faculty and hundreds of volunteers, Morgan and Vanessa are leading a rebellion against stress, disease and pain. This weekend is an invitation to join them in a revolutionary act of self-care! Why? Because in the words of Civil Rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer, we are “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”


“Yep, hiking for the first time EVER and coming around the side of a mountain, just knowing that nothing is impossible if you change your mindset!!!!”

Lisa B. (Dallas, TX)

“It is very difficult to put into words;  if I had to summarize the experience on the mountaintop in two words, it would be ‘life-changing.”

Carla P. (Chicago, IL)

“”I learned that I was not alone. On that mountaintop, I learned that there were others like me that are struggling. I felt the truest meaning of sisterhood – even after I returned home.”

Shanae N. (Philadelphia, PA)

“Sitting here trying to unpack from one of the most incredible, life-changing few days of my life. Let’s start with how thankful I am for change and challenges. I know you’re probably like, “Why would someone be thankful for challenges?”, but let me explain. This past year has been filled with challenges. From not being able to complete a goal that I’ve always aspired to complete to struggling with self-doubt and feeling unworthy. It’s been a rough one y’all. I’m thankful for the mountains that I have climbed, literally and figuratively.”

Hailey D. (Houston, TX)